Like a lot of women, I had planned on growing up, graduating college, getting a job, finding a man, and having a litter of kids. Not surprisingly, I made plans and God laughed: The last thing on that list has been a bit of a problem.

My husband (J) and I have been trying to put a bun in the oven for four years. Year 1 we weren’t too worried about it: “It will happen when it’s supposed to,” we thought. Year 2 we started questioning our fertility, but were told, “Just relax and let it happen naturally.” Year 3 we took matters into our own hands, went to a premiere fertility clinic, and were told, “Don’t worry, you’re young. We’re not going to have any problems getting you pregnant.” Year 4 we paid a large chunk of change, went through all of the available fertility treatments (more than once), and took umpteen drugs and hormones without result. Needless to say, we’re ready to move on!

Fortunately, adoption has always been a viable and promising option for us. J was adopted as an infant and had a wonderful experience. We would love to welcome some little ones into our home and hearts in the (hopefully near) future. To that end, we officially applied to be adoptive parents in April 2009. We know we have a long and trying road ahead of us, but we look forward to the adventure.

Adventures In Adoption will track our roller-coaster ride through the adoption process. The blog also will address current adoption issues and explore “the good, the bad, and the ugly” aspects of the adoption system.